Baccarat is a card game (like poker and blackjack) that is frequently played in casinos . In fact, it is similar to blackjack, in that it involves adding card values. While “21” is the magic number for blackjack, “9” is the magic number for Baccarat. And while you can order more than one card in blackjack, Baccarat only allows one additional card.

History of Baccarat:

In the 15th century, the game was developed in Italy and believed to have been brought to France later in the century. This early version of Baccarat was similar to the games, the outcrop and the Lighthouse. Since then, there are three variations of the game that are generally accepted today. These are North American Baccarat (otherwise known as Punto Banco), Baccarat Banque (also called the Deux Pictures) and Railroad (or Baccarat Chemin de Fer). What the game version, there may only be three results in the resolution of a hand: the player wins with a higher hand, the bank wins, or there is a tie. Ironically, the game is named after the worst possible hand (Baccarat means “zero”).

Baccarat is featured in quite a few Hollywood movies. Most notably, James Bond’s license offers play quite frequently. This is because it is James Bond’s favorite casino game. He plays it in several of the novels and is actually shown in the movies “Dr. No “,” in the service of his Majesty’s secret “, and” The Goldeneye. “Although Baccarat was played in the novel Casino Royale, the novel version, film set for release in 2006, replaces the game for poker.

Play Baccarat:

The cards and the “10” on the face have a value of “0”. “2” with “9” retain their values ??while the ace has a value of “1”. Just like blackjack, a player’s sole objective is to beat the “bank” or dealer and so the other player’s hands are irrelevant to him / her. Two cards are dealt and the value of the hand is the sum of those 2 cards. If the sum exceeds “10”, the hand retains the value of the last digit. As such, the best hand that one could have is “9” and the worst one is obviously a “0”. An additional card can be requested and again, the sum of the cards (the first 2 plus the additional card) becomes the new hand. Then it becomes easy in the hand with a higher value that wins over the one with a lower value.

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