“All-in” is a type of betting strategy used today by many famous poker games; This is not limited to Texas Hold’em. After you announce that you are going for “All-in”, it means that you are placing all of your chips in the pot in that specific hand. This constitutes a make or die move, depending on whether you have more, or less chips, than the opponents who call your bet. If you are starting with few chips and lose “all-in”, you are out of the game.

This is a strong strategy in the game Texas Hold’em, but it also plays dangerous game. Go “all-in”, and you can be done in one turn of your card.

Below are the 10 tips in which you, as a poker player, should be headed by in making the decision at the right time when announcing an “all-in” go.

1. Just do not simply wait until you have the “nuts”. You will be obvious if you do this, and your opponents will simply double to your “all-in”.

2. Always keep in mind that it is much simpler to have an “all-in” bet rather than calling one. In order for you to win, they bet everything you should do whenever you are sure that your opponent will definitely fold.

3. If you are the type of poker player who is a brave chip leader, you can simply bully your opponents into doubling. On the contrary, you might lose most of your chips if you lose an “all-in” bet, your opponents will lose, too, and be out of the game.

4. In a situation of a stone-cold bluff, do not go “all-in”. Even though you might not have the best hand that you might want to make sure that you have a chance with the cards you hold.

5. Remind yourself “all-in” that going with just a short stack of chips in your possession is not the best time for this strategy, unless you have an almost invincible hand.

6. If you have a monster hand, use “all-in” to your advantage, especially if you only have a few chips left.

7. It is not advised to bluff if you are short on chips. If you do not have more chips than your opponents, they are usually less likely to double.

8. If you are running low on chips, do not let your chips drift away without you knowing. While you still have your chips intact, make a stand; you can still win the pot if you are called and you can be back in the game in no time.

9. It is to your advantage to re-raise “all-in” if your opponent with a short stack goes for an “all-in” bet. You might scare your opponent off with you bet.

10. If your opponent goes “all-in” against you, study the reason behind why they might have done this and then decide what their movement is.

The above tips should help any poker player with an “all-in” bet on the poker table.

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