The game is simple, and also the mathematics of the game. Each turn has the same probability of resulting in any of the numbers, without taking into account the last 10, 10, 000 or 10 million turns. Statistically, each turn is an independent event, therefore, it does not matter what happens before. Discard immediately any strategy that guarantees results based on “What is to come”. This does not mean that you should not bet on your birthday number or the day you met your partner. If it pleases you, do it, just understand that although there is some form of emotional reasoning behind it, it is still likely to hit any number in any individual turn.

If you are required to play at American tables then be aware of those who offer the rule to resign, which you can often find in Atlantic City. The waiver rule applies even to safe money bets at the table, when a 0 or a 00 is rolled out, half of your bet is refunded. In these bets, the advantage of the house is only 2.63%, a little better than in European roulette. It is clear that big bets are not available to you, which may or may not be a problem depending on your preferred bet strategy.

On the other hand, European roulette has a home advantage of 2.70%, so you immediately have to realize that they are the preferred tables to play. You can play exactly the same as you would at an American table, but taking into account that there is only the simple 0. You do not have to go to Europe either, although it is a beautiful place to spend a vacation betting, all you have to do is try one of the many online casinos (you can find the links on this website).

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